What a Salon Owner Looks for in an Employee

What a Salon Owner Looks for in an Employee

What a Salon Owner Looks for in an Employee

When running a successful salon, it's important to find the right employees to help take your business to the next level. Nino DeAngelis, a master stylist and salon owner based in Toronto, Canada, has been working in the beauty industry for more than 20 years and has seen firsthand what it takes to be a successful employee. Here, he shares his insights on what salon owners should look for when hiring new staff.


One of the most important qualities a salon owner should look for in an employee is enthusiasm. A professional who is eager to learn, grow and develop their skills is invaluable to any salon. Not only will they be willing to take on any challenge presented to them, but they'll also bring a renewed energy and passion to the business.


Adaptability is a key trait of successful salon professionals. With quickly changing trends and clients with different needs and expectations, having an employee who can adjust to whatever situation they find themselves in is essential. This is especially important if the salon offers varied services, as adaptable employees can easily cross-train across disciplines.


Creative thinking is at the heart of successful salon services. From mastering cutting-edge techniques to creating unique looks for special occasions, the ability to think outside the box is something essential for any stylist or technician. Creative individuals bring a new perspective to the team and can help inject fresh ideas into the salon's culture.

Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are vital for a successful salon employee. An employee needs to be able to accurately understand their clients’ needs and wishes, both verbally and non-verbally, as well as effectively explain procedures so they can be comfortably undertaken by clients. Good communication also plays an important role in helping create a positive atmosphere in the salon.

Time Management

Time management is perhaps the most important skill any salon professional can possess. Punctuality is a must, as is an effective approach to managing bookings, appointments and other duties while also ensuring that every client receives the highest quality of service. Professionals with strong time management skills will be able to juggle multiple tasks with ease and remain calm under pressure.


Different salons have different structures, but all successful businesses rely on a team spirit. An employee who is ready to work together with colleagues, share knowledge and offer assistance is essential for any environment. These characteristics demonstrate an individual's willingness to help others and contribute to the collective success of the salon.

Along with these qualities, Nino DeAngelis also highly recommends that salon owners try to nurture a strong relationship with their employees, providing mentorship and guidance as needed. Doing so will encourage them to become more involved in the business and could result in a long-term connection that brings success to both the employee and the salon.